What It Take To Follow Jesus

What It Take To Follow Jesus

Nov 25, 2018

Passage: Mark 16:1-8

Preacher: Michael Kimberly

Series: Follow Me: The Gospel According to Mark


What it takes to follow Jesus..
1. Extraordinary Love
“To visit the grave of one who had been put to death as a common malefactor, and to rise early to show honor to one whom their nation had despised, this was a mighty boldness indeed.” - J.C. Ryle
2. Extraordinary Faith
“What a striking emblem we have in this simple narrative, of the experience of many Christians. How often believers are oppressed and cast down by anticipation of evils, and yet, in the time of need, find the thing they feared removed, and the “stone rolled away.” A large proportion of a saint’s anxieties arise from things which really never happen.” - J.C. Ryle
3. Extraordinary Message
4. Extraordinary Mission