The Redeemer Brings Love

The Redeemer Brings Love

Dec 23, 2018

Passage: Ruth 4:1-22

Preacher: Michael Kimberly

Series: The Redeemer Is Here- Study Through the Book of Ruth


The family Jesus comes from anticipates the family that Jesus has come for.


Love Is Found In The Redeemer Who...

  1. Overcomes Our Obstacles (Ruth 4:1-6).
    • 1 – “Turn aside, friend” – Peloni almoni – Mr. so and so.
    • Kinsman-Redeemer
      • Kinsman – Who the man is.
      • Redeemer – What the man does
      • He must have the right to redeem.
      • He must have the resources to redeem.
      • He must have the resolve to redeem.
  1. Restores Our Situation (Ruth 4:7-12).


  1. Rewrites Our Story (Ruth 4:13-22).