Avoid Worldliness

Avoid Worldliness

Jul 07, 2019

Passage: 1 John 2:15-17

Preacher: Michael Kimberly

Series: Living the Christian Life


Main Point:
To live the Christian life as God intends, you must avoid the trappings of worldliness.

John’s appeal to us is not to love the world. (v.15)

If you love the world then you don’t love God. (v.15)

Three ways we see the word “world” used in Scripture.

  1. We find it used in the context of God’s creation.
  2. It is used having a moral component and it denotes the world of men.
  3. It is used as describing the world’s system.

Love for the world is to desire the Flesh. (v.16)

Love for the world is having desires of the Eyes. (v.16)

Love for the world is having the pride of Life. (v.16)

 We are not to love the world because the world is Passing away. (v.17)