Pastoral Ministries

Profile image of Tim Akin

Tim Akin

Senior Pastor

Office: Office Ext. 104

Profile image of Michael  Kimberly

Michael Kimberly

Associate Pastor/ Adult Education

Office: ext. 102

Profile image of Linda  Walters

Linda Walters

Adult Education Ministry Assistant

Office: ext. 101

Profile image of Danny Patrick

Danny Patrick

Pastor to Senior Adults

Worship Arts Ministry

Logan Creasy

Pastor of Worship Arts

Heather Nichols

Worship Arts Assistant

Profile image of Clay Debolt

Clay Debolt

Technical Director

Student Ministry

Profile image of Jamie  Wynn

Jamie Wynn

Pastor to Students

Office: ext. 108

Profile image of Phillip  Morris

Phillip Morris

Pastor to Middle School

Office: ext. 110

Profile image of Tanya Kimberly

Tanya Kimberly

Student Ministry Assistant

Office: ext. 109

Children's Ministry

Profile image of Scott Patrick

Scott Patrick

Pastor to Children

Office: ext.124

Profile image of Cathy Kloser

Cathy Kloser

Preschool Director/ ELC Director

Office: ext.111/ ELC ext.112

Profile image of Jamie  Bush

Jamie Bush

Children's Ministry Assistant

Office: ext. 118

Profile image of Joan Cole

Joan Cole

Children's Ministry Assistant

Office: ext.103

Sports Ministries

Profile image of Mark Cagiano

Mark Cagiano

Pastor to Sports Ministries

Office: ext. 120

Profile image of Erin Mann

Erin Mann

Recreation Assistant

Business Administration

Profile image of Sheri Willingham

Sheri Willingham

Financial Ministry Assistant

Office: ext. 100

Profile image of Tommy  Harper

Tommy Harper

Maintenance Supervisor

Profile image of Lisa Black

Lisa Black

Executive Assistant and Director of Assimilation and Church Life

Office: ext. 126