Every Wednesday, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Wednesday Night Activities:

5:00-6:30pm         Fellowship Supper/FLC/FH **(starting back August 9th)

5:00-8:00pm                       Library Open

5:30pm                   Threads of Hope/Rm 414

6:00pm             Children’s Choirs/Preschool & Kids **(starting back August 9th)

6:30pm                   Choir Rehearsal/Choir Rm

6:30pm             Support Groups: GriefShare

6:30pm                         Adult bible studies

6:30pm                Preschool & Children’s Areas Activities

6:45pm                         Preschool Team Kid

6:45pm                    Impact Service/Sanctuary

6:45pm                       Bible Drill/Kids’ Area

6:30pm                  First Students/MS & HS Rms


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